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Car Locksmith is among Toronto’s leading security and locksmith companies operating 24/7. Among the great variety of top notch services we offer is CCTVcameras installation & access control systems. Our skilled security technicians will gladly lend a helping hand with any security equipment you choose for your home or business. If you need a friendly and professional advice on how to enhance the security of your in-doors environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available for service around the clock!

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Consider for a moment exactly how many businesses in Toronto are affected by crime every year. How much do those crimes cost these businesses? How much do these businesses lose?

A CCTV camera or a wireless alarm system can help these businesses fight crime. CCTV cameras are slated to provide a great visual impediment to any would-be thief or robber. If someone knows CCTV cameras are installed at your location, they’d think twice about conducting a crime there.

Remember, the visual footage your CCTV cameras capture can be used to give the police evidence for any vandalism or burglary your business might suffer.

Many people simply have no idea how to install CCTV cameras. That’s why you need a professional’s touch. Car Locksmith provides the professional security camera installation solutions you need.

If you deliberate on buying a CCTV system right off the shelf, please think twice. The downside to this is that every CCTV camera in the package has the same lens. It is usually a wide lens and is not adjustable. Unfortunately, with this kind of a CCTV system you’ll only be able to monitor, but won’t be able to get a clear image of the person you are trying to monitor.

Allowing a Car Locksmith security expert to help you choose the right CCTV camera or access control system is a smart decision. Using a professional service like ours will ensure your ability to have your CCTV cameras professionally installed.

Remember, we also specialize in home security systems!

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