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Car Locksmith Toronto is a well-established locksmith business in the Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. Our teams of professional, licensed car locksmiths are available and provide service to residents of the area 24/7, 365 days of the year. We have a staff of greatly skilled and well trained locksmiths who are always happy to help you in times of trouble, whether you have lost or broken your key or left it in the ignition and locked the car.

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At Car Locksmith Toronto we believe that it is very important for every business to keep up to date with the modern technologies of their trade, therefore we ensure that our locksmiths always have the most modern equipment available to enable them to perform their jobs in the best way possible.

Our no. 1 priority is to make sure that we reach you promptly, fix your problem and have you on your way as quickly as possible. Our estimated time of arrival to customer sites in the Toronto area is thirty minutes. Our team of professional locksmiths also provides roadside assistance in emergency situations including jumpstarting car batteries.

Jump Start for Infiniti Cars

Amongst other makes of cars our team has plenty of experience with jump starting Infiniti cars. Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan, the Japanese auto manufacturer. Since being introduced into Canada in 1990 Infiniti cars have become one of the most popular hybrid makes on the road.

Alas, the downside to owing a hybrid car is that it just isn’t as easy to fix the battery if it dies as it is when you have a conventional vehicle. When you own a hybrid car dealing with a dead battery or an empty fuel tank gets much more complicated. For example, when any Infiniti hybrid runs out of gas the entire car will completely shut down. There is no way to get yourself down to the gas station on those last fumes, even if the main battery is fully charged.

So, if you wake up in the morning and find that your battery is dead, or even if you are somewhere out on the road, and you need help with jump starting an Infiniti car give us a call. Our call service center representatives are standing by to take your call 24/7. Our team will get to you in approximately thirty minutes, whether it is early morning or late at night.

We want to help you get your car running as quickly as possible because we know that you are busy. Our technicians will come over and jump start your Infiniti car for you and let it run for at least 20 minutes to charge, while they wait.

So if you’re stuck there’s no need to worry just give Car Locksmith Toronto a call.

For our car jumpstart services for Infiniti cars in Toronto call (888) 675-8830