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Do you often ask yourself “where can I get duplicate car keys made?” Well here at Cars Locksmith 

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A transponder key works because of a radio frequency chip that is fixed in the head of the chip keys which signal and transmit an exclusive digital code meant for the car. The chip keys are programmed to identify the codes.
Here, the operational mechanism has been designed to shut down when the wrong chip keys are used to try to start the car. Your remote car keys operate by sending an encrypted radio signal to a receiver inside the automobile, which in turn activates the door locks.

The transponder keys technology is so valuable because it has added a new dimension to the locksmith services to prevent car theft by any possible means. Some high tech chip keys and remote car keys are said to be totally secure.

Cars CA can assist you with:

  • Ignition key replacement and transponder key programming
  • Replacment keys for chip keys
  • VAT Keys

Whenever you encounter a transponder key problem you can call us to re-program the car transponder keys and the immobilizer’s control unit to recognize the new key code. Our locksmiths can perform many complex processes like transponder key programming, regular car keys made, replacment keys and car lock replacement.

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